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Also for our "little" X-Mas Party we got another great addition to the billing:


Led by charismatic frontman Matt Sinner, this band has been in business for more than 30 years now. In the heydey of the 80ies, classics like 'Touch Of Sin' and 'Comin' Out Fightin' set standards among the era's hard rock and heavy metal productions and established SINNER as one of Germany's finest and most successful musical exports besides fellow countrymen like SCORPIONS or ACCEPT. After a brief break, the band returned with a roar in the 90ies, setting course for a slightly harder and gloomier musical direction. Since 2007 and the release of 'Mask Of Sanity', though, the sound of SINNER has gone back to its roots, providing the fans with traditional heavy rock anthems and lots of catchy hoooklines. 'Touch Of Evil 2' featured sparkling re-recordings of many of the band's early hits, and the latest album release 'Tequila Suicide' is in no way inferior: a perfect soundtrack for any joyful party evening - just as SINNER are a perfect addition to for our Crazy X-Mas party this December!




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