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I had already won the tickets for this year's Rock Meets Classic, so I went to Mannheim on a sunny and warm Thursday to watch this year's performance. It was the last concert of this year's RMC tour, and the evening was not going to get any colder. So I picked up the tickets deposited for me, and also got a program booklet that now graces my collection. First of all, the Mat Sinner Band as always terrific and also the new RMC Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Bernhard Wünsch absolutely brilliant. Of all the participants, I was especially impressed by Leo Leoni and Nic Maeder from Gotthard and Eric Bazilian from the Hooters. As always under the constant presence of Mat Sinner and his band. We already know Tom Naumann and Alex Beyrodt from Primal Fear and Sinner. I have already experienced some Rock Meets Classic concerts, and this evening was great as well, many thanks to Mat Sinner for this really successful evening.




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